A politically incorrect intro

This is going to be a short intro on who I am, what my basic views on stuff are, what this is going to be about, etc.moomintroll

I am a mid-30s super middleweight (right now more like light heavyweight) white guy with a tech/science background.

Grew up in Europe, been to 50+ countries, speak a bunch of languages, done lots of different stuff. Been doing karate for nearly 20 years, boxing, judo, MMA stuff for years as well.

I own a 9mm Heckler&Koch USP and am a fairly accurate shooter at up to approximately 50m range.

I drive an Audi RS5 and am a big fan of Audi in general.

My views are (as of today) rather conservative and authoritarian (too many liberal idiots around). I very much support Donald Trump in the upcoming US election (may Hillary Rodham Clinton go to hell and burn there…slowly).

I am very much anti-immigration (or at least anti-illiterate-Muslim-immigration), anti-feminist (ugliest movement ever.. feminist women already have all the rights they need in the Western countries, but they just won’t keep whining and blackmailing the men into giving them more and more stuff they don’t deserve).

I am not just anti-Islam (extremely violent and aggressive religion), but largely also anti-religion in the first place (there are some religions that have probably, summa summarum, been a good thing for the human civilization, like Buddhism, but it’s surely not the big 3 Judean ones – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).

I am very much pro-science and pro-tech. Science and technology are really the only things that differentiate us from apes. Everything else is derivative. You can’t write much in Salon on how you’re socially oppressed by white male technocrat supremacists when you have to fight tigers with a pointy stick and give birth 5 times in a row without anaesthetics on dirty rags before you’re 20 (after which you typically die).

I very much like anime and manga, and know especially anime quite deeply (and yes I’ve been to Japan many, many times and speak fluent Japanese). Of course, I also enjoy the more traditional media, but, to be honest, ever less so, as time goes on. Stuff is just becoming stupider and stupider here.

That’s what comes to mind right now.

Since it’s just a first intro post and probably nobody will read it anyway at the moment, I’ll just adjust it later if necessary.

Per aspera ad astra.

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